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all you need to know

We use several materials :

Gold-plated, gold-filled, stones, brass, zircons and stainless steel.

All of those materials are nickel free and hypoallergenic.

As you know, stainless steel is made to last forever. It's water friendly and allow you to sweat, swim, love with your jewels on.

Gold-plated and brass are the most comon materials used in affordable jewellery. The difference between them is simple : the layer of gold is thicker in the gold-plated.

We use more and more gold-filled those days. Gold-filled is even more solid than gold-plated.

All our stones are sourced in Jaipur, the city of stones.

Now that you know all that, how can you take care of your jewels ?

First off all, you need to store them in the pouch we send you. Then, we would rather you do not take a swim or a shower with your gold-plated or brass jewels.

If you need to wash them, use a bit of soap on a gentle tissue, rince, dry and then store them.

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