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Debby is Parisian. She works in TV in Paris but she's in love with Valencia, her second home.
There, she enjoys another way of life. A slower one. She takes the time to enjoy every little moments. She goes back to basics.

Valencia offers her a sweet return to the timeless values and led her to reflect on simplicity, on traditions. 
It helps her reconnect with nature and, at some point, triggered her desire to create something new, a tasty cocktail made of those two lives.

Minimal Valencia emerged from this encounter between that Parisian girl always in the hurry and the sweetness of this Mediterranean city. It is a stylish jewelry brand with attitude and values. 

All gold-plated and stainless steel pieces are handmade, all stones are from our atelier in Jaipur, women are at the heart of the process and packaging is eco-friendly.

Minimal Valencia does not pretend to be perfect, but we try to do better each day. 

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